Exsaverse Overview

(Image1) in this case karot is our middle man, and katarot our seller

we will enter their discord: https://discord.gg/exsaverse and then we will review their FAQ.

Note: OTC deals are extremely risky, so proceed with caution.

let's first define some basic terms.

MM: (middle man) person from exsaverse team who makes the deal secure between the buyer and seller, and its in charge of holding the funds until the deal is done.

(see image 1 for an example)

Collateral: is an item of value pledged to secure the WL. In cases of Wallet Surrender/ Wallet Submit the seller has the access to the wallet that the buyer is going to mint from, so the mint price is taken from seller as collateral so in case the seller drains the buyer he will get the seller money to ensure the safety of buyer. In Mint for you a small amount is taken from the seller so he doesn't back out of the deal once its done or decides not to send NFT on mint day. If he backs out the collateral amount is sent to the buyer as compensation. (info from exsaverse Faq)

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