Dev - Unknown

Launch - Free & fair. No insiders, no VCs, only community

Utility - Provenance. Symbolic of the first transaction ever using BTC


🔥 The first purchase EVER with bitcoin was buying a JPEG for 500 BTC in Feb 2010

🔥 It pre-dates the the famous 10,000 BTC pizza

🔥 Satoshi Nakamoto himself helped facilitate the JPEG sale

Link to the chat -https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=25.msg118#msg118

Bullish tweet - https://twitter.com/udiWertheimer/status/1657822781625475080

Buy here -https://unisat.io/market?tick=jpeg Twitter -https://twitter.com/jpegbrc20 Telegram -https://t.me/kissalpha

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