How to Buy Tokens on UniSat Marketplace

How to purchase tokens on the UniSat Marketplace

In this guide we show you how to purchase tokens on the UniSat Marketplace using the unisat chrome browser extension.

Step One: Navigate to the UniSat Marketplace for BRC 20 Tokens. Make sure you have bitcoin in your wallet.

Step Two: Find the ticker of the token you wish to purchase in the drop down menu or by searching for it. After you find the ticker click into it and go to that token marketplace page.

Step Three-A: On this next page you are going to see some listed tokens for sale. Lets break down and digest this information.

Step Three-B: You can see in listing 2 there are 3500 MXRC for sale at 46 sats per MXRC. It also displays the dollar value per token at .01. Below it gives you the total price to purchase the batch of 3500 tokens.

Note: You have to buy the entire batch, you can not buy a portion of the 3500 tokens listed in this example.

Step Four: Make sure your wallet is connected and you have enough BTC in your wallet to cover the purchase and gas fee and click the buy button.

Step Five: On the next screen you are going to see the confirmation page. Review the data and ensure you want to make the purchase. It displays the total cost in sats and dollars. When you are ready to complete the purchase click the orange confirm button at the bottom of the page.

Step Six: Unisat wallet will pop up, sign the message to complete the order.

Step Seven: Your purchase is now completed. Wait for the network to confirm your transaction and your tokens will be displayed in both your extension wallet, and the unisat web application.

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