An introduction into the brc20 universe. Learn the history and the basics before you jump right in.


It started with a now infamous tweet. BRC-20 launched as a fun experiment standard for tokens on bitcoin. The goal was to encourage the bitcoin community to play around with and optimize the standard until a general consenses on best practices could be agreed upon, or to decide if the standard was a waste of time.


These functions together allow for a simple yet effective way for users to deploy, buy, and sell tokens.

  • Create a brc-20 'token' with the deploy function

  • Mint an amount of brc-20's with the mint function

  • Transfer an amount of brc-20's with the transfer function


No body really knows where this could take us. The experiment has grown and continues to grow at a rapid speed. The bitcoin memepool is so full and transactions are getting backlogged by the hundreds if not thousands. Developers are building features for the users, and although primitive at the moment becoming far easier to understand and much more intuitive. As developers continue to build and features become easier to use. Who knows what might happen next.

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